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Jack Mondel


About Jack Mondel

To state that Jack Mondel was and still is a successful entrepreneur would be a massive underestimate. Jack has worked in a variety of sectors over the last 35 years, including mortgage banking, corporate finance, automotive financing, real estate, and insurance. Today, Jack is the Co-Founder, Executive Vice President of Corporate Development, and the Corporate Board Director for Miami International Technologies (MIH), the parent company of several subsidiaries, including Miami International Technology and the MIAX Exchange Group. MIAX itself is comprised of MIAX Options, MIAX Pearl, and MIAX Emerald. 

In the role of MIH’s Corporate Development Officer, Jack works directly with MIH’s Chairman and CEO on issues such as business strategy, marketing, and general corporate affairs on a day to day basis, but his role is much more important than that. Jack Mondel is not only one of the founders of MIH and its affiliates, but he has also assisted MIH in getting financing for the company’s development and expansion since its establishment fifteen years ago. Since then, MIH has blossomed, currently valued at $3-5 billion. 

Jack completed his undergraduate education at Rider University in Trenton, New Jersey, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. While Jack was extremely talented in this field, he was lured to the world of finance as soon as he graduated from college, and he immediately began mastering the comings and goings of the stock market. This has continued to be a lifelong interest for Jack, and his ultimate business goal is to build a stock exchange that is among the best in the world. Jack not only has the talent and the drives, but he also considers himself lucky to have met similarly brilliant colleagues in the financial sector who share his commitment to this aim.

Aside from being a successful businessman, Jack is also a horse lover who spent more than three decades breeding and selling racehorses. Jack has worked with 67 horses, one of which was selected to race in the Kentucky Derby. 

Jack currently resides in Miami, Florida where he likes taking advantage of the year-round beautiful weather by indulging in some of his favorite outdoor activities. These include swimming, fishing, and sailing with his family. Jack also dedicates his time and resources to several charities that are close to his heart.

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