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The success of any business leader relies on much more than their willingness to succeed. It relies too on how effectively they communicate across mediums, purposes, and demographics. Good communication skills can improve relationships, boost earnings, increase self-esteem, and even improves leadership skills. There is no aspect of business that an entrepreneur’s communication skills do not influence, so improving these skills can significantly boost an entrepreneur’s chance for success.

Be a Good Listener

Exemplary businesspeople always have their pulse on both the internal and external business environments. Listening to others with an open and curious mind is crucial. Too many entrepreneurs make the mistake of deciding what communication means early in the conversation and then seeking to fit the rest of the details into the framework they decided upon. In doing so, they miss the opportunity to truly understand the factors influencing their business. Show listeners their sharing is valuable by focusing on the conversation, using good eye contact and body language, and asking thoughtful questions. People who feel heard are more likely to become repeat communicators, helping entrepreneurs continue to monitor their internal and external business environments effectively.

Learn to Organize Information

Listeners are busy and highly distractible. For this reason, savvy business professionals include the most important information upfront and use the remaining time to support their main idea. Businesspeople looking to improve this skill might find it helpful to think of their opening words as an elevator pitch for the conversation.

Use Emotional Intelligence Skills to Overcome Obstacles and Increase Trust

We know that people naturally want to support individuals who make them feel safe, heard, and valued. As entrepreneurs who rely on customers, employees, investors, and others to succeed, this skill set is critical for building goodwill with stakeholders. Being mindful of the fact that we are all seeking happiness, avoiding pain, and struggling with the human condition from the perspective of our own unique backstory, can help us respond to others with respect and empathy.

Communication is constantly evolving, and no matter how skilled a communicator one may believe themselves to be, becoming a better one should always be a work-in-progress for any successful entrepreneur.